Consider tea for a moment. How many varieties are there available? White, green, oolong- those are just the beginning. At Tea Leaf on the Loose, you can be confident you are not only acquiring the highest quality tea, you are opening yourself up to a world of blends incorporating flavors never imagined. Come find a tea that not only benefits your health but tastes amazing.

Tea Leaf on the Loose is the latest discovery in tea selection. We take great pride in bringing our teas to you and your home. While we believe we offer a larger than average variety of tea, if there is something you want and see we don’t have it, we can special order almost anything you request. Thanks to our tea being offered in a bulk option, you can create your own blends at home or choose from our packaged loose leaf tea masterfully created by an award winning company. picture1

Our custom creations can be the difference between a blah day and the perfect tea moment. Allow the aromas and flavors to sooth and relax you. Our loose leaf teas are the perfect complement to any occasion or for any need.

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